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30 Life Skills

Developing life-skills is one of our major foci in working for better futures for the vulnerable youth at our Community Center. Although we literally have books filled with different levels of and lessons for life-skills, here is a short list of 30 life-skills and action-steps. We work on these in particular through our cognitive development exercises. While some of them may need some elucidation, most of them are self-explanatory.

Life-skill: 1. Mental Picture

Action-step: I will consistently make use of my mental picture process

16. Blur, Break, Recovery

I will be aware of the blur, break, and recovery process related to stress.

2. Motor Match

I will perfect my motor match so that I can see, hear and move simultaneously.

17. Stress Behavior

I will take responsibility for inward and outward tendencies under stress.

3. Warning

I will be trust the “warning light” within me.

18. General to Specific

I will view all things as a whole, and then deal with the specific parts.

4. Process

I will be aware of the processes involved in every learning experience.

19. Adapt

I will be aware of the continuous changes in my environment and adapt.

5. Goals

I will set overall and intermediate goals.

20. Evaluate

I will evaluate all criticism.

6. Challenge

I will deal with all life’s problems and still reach my goals.

21. Value

I will value what I work for.

7. Simplicity

I will break any task down into small enough pieces to complete.

22. Question

I will ask the questions: who, what, where, when, why and how.

8. Success

I will project success in all my activities.

23. Environment

I will study my environment (work, school, home, etc.) and approach it successfully.

9. Progress

I will note my progress and give myself credit for my success.

24. Enthusiasm

I will project enthusiasm by correct use of energy and posture.

10. Praise

I will give and accept praise.

25. Examine

I will frequently ask myself, “Where have I been? Where am I now? Where am I going?”

11. Perseverance

I will keep trying and I will succeed.

26. Cooperate

I will play by the rules to succeed.

12. Mastery

I will master each step before proceeding to the next.

27. Integrity

I will do what is right rather than what is convenient.

13. Stress

I will use stress to enhance my mental picture.

28. Cause and Effect

Most of what happens to me is the result of my own decisions and actions.

14. Control

I will take responsibility for my anger, fear, fatigue, etc. in order to achieve success.

29. Manipulation

I will appreciate others for who they are rather than what they can do for me.

15. Accomplishment

I will always work to a success point before stopping and then enjoy my accomplishment.

30. Sensitivity

I will understand how a person feels by observing his/her actions.

Whenever I teach these skills, I always discover deficiencies in my own skills for life. What about you? Are these skills you have and practice in your life?


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