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November 2013 Update

Dear Friends,

I want to thank you for praying for us, especially during my whirlwind trip through the US last month. Traveling through six states, I was able to meet with many organizations, speak in undergraduate and graduate classes, and share at a number of churches. In the 17 years that I have been serving in Romania, I have never taken a trip like this before. As a community, we see that we need to develop some new partnerships in order to continue and expand Christian ministry among the vulnerable. I was really encouraged by people’s response. If you know of others that you think would be interested in connecting with us, please let us know.Displaying Snapseed.jpg

I returned to Galati to find our Community Center full of kids. This summer we saw a few of our youth graduate from high school. One was also baptized and is planning to continue with her studies at the university. This was the first group that started with us when they were 6 years old or from the first grade. Displaying Snapseed.jpgThey successfully made it through 12 grades of school with the support of our community. While we celebrated their hard-fought victories, we also asked ourselves, “What helped them succeed where many others didn’t?” What we saw, for example, was that they had an “alternative” group of friends that they had at the Center, they began coming to the Center at a young age and in the first years of school, they had worked through behavioral, developmental and familial impediments, they had cooperative, if not supportive, parents, and they were involved in a local church at an early age. So, we are trying to build on these lessons learned. We are trying to take new children in when they are in their first years of school. We are structuring them in groups of 10 and receiving them at the same time so that they can form friendships. We focus on behavioral development rather than homework. We are making the monthly parent meeting mandatory. And we are trying to facilitate their integration in a local church, even when they are young. Currently, we have about 50 children participating in the Community Center on a daily basis and 10 at the Day Center – more than ever before in our community’s history. We have more than 30 parents or caregivers participating in the monthly parent meeting – more than ever before. Our prayer is that many kids will have their lives transformed and that the transformation will be lasting and contagious.

As some of you may know, Galati is situated in one of the poorest parts of the country in one of the poorest countries in Europe. We are building relationships with children at risk of under-nutrition, neglected by their parents or legal guardians, at risk of turning to begging and living on the streets, at risk of never enrolling or of dropping out of school. We are also developing friendships with the children’s parents who suffer from a lack of education, generational dependence, alcoholism, racism, unemployment and forced migration. This year we have made the audacious goal of visiting all of the vulnerable families in the neighborhood to build relationships and to assess their level of vulnerability. Up to now, we have made it to 70 families in the neighborhood. Our prayer is that in every relationship we can sow seeds of hope for a different and better future.

Some of you have asked about our practical needs as our activities have expanded. Here are a few:
Displaying Snapseed.jpgDisplaying Snapseed.jpgDisplaying Snapseed.jpg

  • Our kids have poor diets and many are undernourished. You can help provide
    a hot, healthy meal, which the kids receive every day at the Center and costs $60 per child per month.
  • For a child to go to a week of camp, it costs about $200.
  • For every educator that cares for and disciples at least 10 children every day, it costs $500 per month, which means $50 per child per monthDisplaying Snapseed.jpg
  • We need to renovate our kitchen and appliances, which will cost about $2,500.

If you would like to make a year-end donation, please let me know.

With gratitude,

david and lenuta




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2 thoughts on “November 2013 Update

  1. Hi, David, Hope you’re enjoying the simple ways of making disciples among the nations!  (I’m very sorry that I forgot to give you our previous reminders).  As the one asked to coordinate the Global House Church Leaders’ Summit to be held in BANGKOK this coming May 28-30, 2015, may I give this final reminder if you are considering to come.  (More details will be given to those who register with me or Dr. Sinchai, our local coordinator). As we seek to expand God’s kingdom on earth through multiplying disciples and house/simple/organic churches, we need our “apostolic leaders” to meet once in a while for: 1.  Coordination: To sustain the unity and cooperation of house church networks throughout the world;2.  Mutual Learning: To facilitate the sharing of “best practices” and new insights on how to work with one another and with other church traditions; 3.  Communion: To introduce younger house church leaders to each other and to learn from the senior ones; and4.  Global witness: To encourage the younger movements, and to model what the global Church should look like biblically and practically in the world. So far we have who have 46 registered: from China (6), Southeast Asia (17), South Asia (2), Central Asia (3), USA (1), Europe (1), Japan (2) and Thailand (15). Those who are interested to receive special training in doing Business as Mission (BAM), esp. as “business and life coaches” can stay on from May 31-June 2 (attendance in whole 3 days required). Trainer will be Mitsuo Fukuda, the key house church leader and businessman from Japan, which has 8 of the top 10 “multinational corporations that are more than 150 years old” in the world today!

    The house church leaders in Asia look forward to seeing you or any of your key disciple-multipliers in this conference. If coming, you may join us also from May 26-27 as we listen to the Lord together on what He wants us to do for the discipling of our vast most-unevangelized continent! His and yours for His glory, david David S. Lim, Ph.D. President/CEO, ASDECS President, CMI-Phil. Board chair, Lausanne Phil.     “Transformational Communities, Transforming Communities” in all nations, esp. in Asia!

    Posted by davidlim53 | March 7, 2015, 5:36 pm

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